Free Comic Book Day 2008

Saturday, May 3rd is here, and just like every first Saturday of May since the dawn of time, that means Free Comic Book Day is here too.

Now, I realize that to the layman this may lead you to believe that you can walk into any old comic shop, grab any old book, and walk out. Nay! This is untrue! There is a specific set of books available for this, though with some careful choosing, you can end up with some truly excellent comics. Let Powet be your guide, and keep an extra eye out for these books:

Of course if you’re a sucker for Marvel and DC, Marvel’s putting out a new X-Men book and DC’s reprinting two fantastic books of theirs – All Star Superman #1 and Tiny Titans #1. But seriously, if I don’t find a copy of Atomic Robo, my tiny little heart may start breaking.