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This is it! The final two variants to Ramathorr, the Elephant swordsman have finally been revealed to complete the Anitherian Nine set.

SSejjhhorr and Ggruxx have stood to oppose Ramathorr and his Anitherian Guard. Hailing from the Mutant kingdom, these two figures feature an all new head sculpt and come with two battle axes and faux fur loin cloths.

The green Ggruxx will be an exclusive to ToyRocket, while the red SSejjhhorr will be an exclusive to Figures.com. Each site selling a variant from the set has set their own price point and production number for the figure. All are sure to be limited in quantity though.


A9 Ggruxx 1 A9 Ggruxx 2

Crowinghorse from figures.com mentioned on the FANtastic Forums that they had about 550 Ssejjhhorr’s made. That will probably be on the high end of production numbers for any of the exclusives, with the exception of Ramathorr.


A9 Ssejjhhorr 1 A9 Ssejjhhorr 2

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