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The variant exclusives for the FANtastic Exclusives continue to be revealed this week. Two new variants were announced as exclusives to online vendors. As last week, each feature a different head that actually change the species of the characters. This series of variants continues to impress with only one more week left to show the final two.

You can see the previous reveals here:
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Tuesday brought us a welcome surprise in the form of the Gauntlet of Vassk. He features a head modeled after a rhinoceros. The Gauntlet will be an exclusive to Action Figure eXpress. He comes with two battle axes.

Charging into battle against all who oppose the realm of Animynthus comes – ‘ The Gauntlet of Vaskkh!’

Gauntlet of Vassk 1 Gauntlet of Vassk 2 Gauntlet of Vassk 3

Today we were pleasantly surprised with the reveal of the Helm of Xaanm. Featuring the head of a boar, the Helm will come with a long handled battle axe and a mini halberd and will be an exclusive to BigBadToyStore.

With a snort and a piercing battle cry that shakes the very foundations of Animynthus, in charges Ramathorr’s master of fighting dirty – ‘ The Helm of Xaanm!’

Helm of Xaanm Helm of Xaanm 2

I just want to note that the rhino, hippo, and boar were all suggested on the FANtastic Forums by fans and its clear that the Four Horsemen were listening.

Also of note was the following statement on the FANtastic Exclusive site:

Coming Tuesday: The BIG finale! The final two characters making up the extremely limited Anitherian Nine set will be revealed TOGETHER! Evil finally rears two of its’ extremely ugly heads in the 7 th Kingdom!! The debut of Ggruxx and Ssejjhhor!