The Four Horsemen revealed this year’s FANtastic Exclusive figure on today.The character has yet to be named, but will be available for purchase at the San Diego Comic Con, in addition to their online store at for a paltry USD$25.00.

Elephant Swordsman Front 3

The ever observant Baena of the FANtastic Forums noted that the two hand swords, when placed side by side, form the shape of the very large buster sword, which you see mounted on the figure’s back.

Elephant Swordsman Front 2 Elephant Swordsman Back Elephant Swordsman Front

The FANtastic Exclusives are voted on by fans at many different steps in its development. This year’s polls included determining the series the figure would come from, the character itself, the figure’s size, articulation and finally, weapons. Last year’s exclusive was Xetheus the Minotaur, Champion of Mynothecea. You can see a full gallery I put together for that figure here and an edition of PowetToys featuring Xetheus and his limited variants here.