Care Bears Welcome to Care-A-Lot - Tenderheart Bear and Wonderheart Bear

Commercials for the Hub’s new series Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot have been running on the network for a few weeks now. The trailer, seen below, and some of the promotional images that we’ve gotten from the Hub give us a good idea of how the show will look. On top of the Care Bear cast of the show is a human girl character who is not named, as well as a new Care Bear who has no “belly-badge” at some moments. According to information from Parade Magazine, this new character is named Wonderheart Bear.

The show is set to begin airing in a month with the premiere episode playing on Saturday June 2nd at 8am. Well have more information on this show as we learn it. For now, what do you think of the trailer? Does the show look like it will be worth watching?

Care Bears Welcome to Care-A-Lot - Human girl, Harmony Bear, Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear

Keep reading for more promotional art and screenshots from the trailer.

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