Zach Braff Wishes He WASN'T Here.  Weren't here... weren't not... well, you get the idea

Even though he’s made more in his career than most of his contributors will make in a lifetime combined, CBS Schoolbreak Special one-time guest star Zach Braff has successfully raised the more than the requested $2 million dollars to complete his new indie film that he terms as a spiritual successor to his decade-old feature film Garden State.

The erstwhile SeanOrange doppleganger admitted in his video that he was inspired by the $4 million success of the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, a film which unlike Braff’s new film has major studio backing.

“‘You would think a big star like me would just have $2 million squirreled away for just such an occasion… but really, I don’t,’ Zach Braff in no way said, but at least I’d imagine he’d say it,” said Sean “The Orange” Corse. Sean embarked on a failed YouTube campaign in 2008 to call out Braff for growing the same kind of patchy, fuzzy beard-like facial hair for the final season of what Corse terms as “the ‘Real’ Scrubs”.

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