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Powet Top 5: Gripes with Voltron Force

The original Voltron cartoon was a childhood favorite for so many of us growing up. For some, it was their introduction of large robot fighters in general, to be accompanied by several others of the time. As with the general 80’s English dubbing of the Japanese GoLion series, Voltron was still rife with action, drama and mecha being the crap out of each other, as well as featuring characters that may have fit a couple of eventual stereotypes but still had personality.
Years later, we dealt with the supposed sequel series, Voltron: 3rd Dimension, whose main purpose wasn’t so much as to continue with the storyline and development that the original series left off with, but rather to simply show off how “unique” it was by being completely 3D rendered and computer generated. The plot and characterization suffered in turn, even though several of the voice actors from the original series had returned to reprise their characters. (Oh Michael Bell, you will always be my first audible animation love)

So after that disappointment, and over a decade going by, when Nickelodeon announced a new cartoon dubbed “Voltron Force”, it was a glimmer of hope for a lot of us oldschool fans. And for the first few episodes, it held the promise of erasing Voltron 3D’s disgrace and forging the path to continue everything as they had been with the original series. However, after the first half of the first season, you might start to notice some things that don’t really add up, or certain inconsistencies start piling up and can no longer be ignored in favor of compromising “Oh, it’ll get better, I’m sure”.

Not so much.

Spoilers, FYI.
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SDCC 2011: Voltron Force Exclusive Sizzle Reel

If you’ve followed my Twitter, you probably know I haven’t been quiet about how pleased I am with the new Voltron Force cartoon. While slow to begin the new series, and some parts were the new cadets seem forced upon the viewers, the show nonetheless has witty dialogue, good characterization, and definitely a lot of nods back to the original Voltron series, whilst also having a lot of surprises along the way.

So I was happy to come across a exclusive sizzle reel that was shown at the Voltron Comic-Con panel! I will warn those who haven’t watched the show yet, and even those who have, that some major storyline plot hints are dropped in this reel that could be considered rather Spoiler-ish.

You can check out Voltron Force every Thursday on Nicktoons, or can stream the most recent episodes on

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SDCC 2011: Want a 92″ TV? Find the Voltron Lions!

Voltron is really getting some awesome exposure at this year’s San Deigo Comic-Con, and aside from the announced Volton Defender of the Universe coming October 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, THQ has teamed up with Voltron Official to host a scavenger hunt for awesome prizes!

The video also features some sneak preview gameplay of the new game coming out this fall!

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Voltron Force Trailer, Series Premiere On June 16

Nickelodeon will air the revamped Voltron series in just a few weeks according to this trailer. And it will be animated by a couple of 15 year olds on New Grounds according to this trailer.

This does not bode well for Nick Toons next Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutle series. But maybe I’m wrong.

Leave a comment and confirm or deny this gut reaction.

Thanks to Beck for the link.

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