You’ve no doubt played shitloads of games involving war. Maybe they were strategy games where you commanded an army and gathered resources to fund said army until you can smash your opponent into oblivion. Maybe you played a role playing game where you and your party were involved in a plot which had the war as its backdrop. Maybe you played games such as Dynasty Warriors, Age of Empires, or Total that let players battle through historical (if not totally accurate) portrayals of war. Maybe you played FPS games that made you a one-man army as you gunned down untold amounts of faceless enemies. War in a video game always helps enhance the gameplay or the plot is is typically an awesome affair. As anyone knows however, war in real life is nothing like in a video game, and in real life, not everyone involved in a war is a soldier. I’m not talking about the politicians and corporate execs who profit and benefit from war either, but the innocent civilians caught up in the war. This War of Mine, from 11-bit, helps capture the experience in what can be considered the darkest version of the Sims ever.
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