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The Warriors Coming to TV Thanks to Captain America Producers

warriors-front.jpg Walter Hill’s cult classic The Warriors, which was based upon the novel by Sol Yurick, will be getting a TV series adaptation on Hulu courtesy of the Russo brothers, whom poweteers know as the directors of the last two Captain America films and the next two Avengers films. The original film, released in 1979 told the tale of the Warriors gang as they had to fight their way back to their home base of Coney Island after being framed for the murder of a charismatic gang leader. The film became famous for its outlandish gang member outfits. The film was quite controversial for its day, as acts of violence broke out in a small amount of theaters showing the film. The film gained a following among hip hoppers as well. Craig Mack’s Flava in ya ear remix video opened with the familiar “come out and play” bottle clacking, and the video for Jim Jones/Diplomat’s “Crunk Music” featured scenes inspired by the film. As of now not much is known about the film save that the directors promise that it will “honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.” Coincidentally, today is also the day that Rockstar’s critically acclaimed video game adaptation is available on the PLaystation 4 as a Playstation 2 classic title. The 2005 brawler served as a prologue to the film, and players got an in-depth look at the Warrior’s world. The game features 1080p upscaling as well as trophies. If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll want to check it out.

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Powet Top 5 – Top 5 Movie Adaptations

Welcome to the Powet Top 5, where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond.

Thankfully, Eat, Pray, Love never received a video game adaptation (well, none that I know of anyway). If it did, I'd like to think of it as a game with a focus on stealth, cover, rpg-like stat building, and metroid style exploration. Kinda like Bioshock meets Metal Gear Solid, except Nora Roberts was writing the plot instead of Hideo Kojima. Oh, and there would be co-op and multiplayer of course.

Movie adaptations are the junk food of the gaming industry. Yeah, they taste good and kids can’t get enough of them, but they just aren’t good for you. Most gaming adaptations fall prey to the same problem: developers rush to have them out in time for the movie’s release so they can cash in, and they spend more development resources on recreating the film than implementing proper gameplay mechanics. Thus, while that video game based on this year’s summer blockbuster might move huge units within the first few months after it’s release, it’ll be regulated to bargain bin shovelware status by this time next year, and often times before the dvd hits stores. However, there are several games that have managed to not only avoid this problem, but they became classics in their own right, doing justice to the movie they were based on. Here are 5 of the best.
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