Created and narrated by David Werden, who also created The Stanley Parable, The Beginner’s Guide is yet another entry whose unique form of storytelling takes precedence over any gameplay. However, the game takes a different approach to storytelling than the Stanley Parable did, and it also takes a different tone to boot. The Beginner’s Guide clearly isn’t meant for everyone, but those who approach it with an open mind will find a whole new experience. Narrated by Dave, The Beginner’s Guide is a collection of games created by a friend of his named Coda. Many of the games are seemingly incomplete and broken, and it was clear that they were never meant to be released to the public. So why did Dave release these games? Is he trying to learn more about his friend, or is there a deeper meaning to them? You’ll have to play it and see. While many will dismiss this as yet another ‘Walking Simulator’, those that play it will experience more of Werden’s unique style of storytelling, complete with a twist people won’t see coming.