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Powetcast 127: Kate Upton Jr

I almost feel bad spoiling a joke that comes in the second half of the podcast by producing this week’s photochop album cover. But dammit, I laughed and said I would do it and I’m a man of my word. This also allowed me to image search Kate Upton for research.

This week we discuss the return of Sailor Moon, what it means to read Marvel Now, the casting of a Wolverine sequel, a Beatle teaming up with Bungie, and Kate Upton.

It wasn’t until I wrote this description and had everything all done that I remember George Lopez in an eye patch from episode 55.

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Show notes follow!

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Power Rangers recreate Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover

Here’s a bit of odd news. The latest iteration of the Power Rangers have recreated the cover to the Beatles’ Abbey Road album. This happened to coincide with a new Scorcese documentary on George Harrison, John Lennon’s 71st Birthday and Paul McCartney getting married for the third time. I’m not sure if this was done as a joke or as a more official publicity stunt, but its amusing either way.

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