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The Powet Top 5 – Top 5 Revelations from the MOTU Classics Bios

Welcome to the Powet Top 5, where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond

Starting at the end of 2008, Mattel started the collector line known as Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC). The line was meant to be a modern interpretation of the vintage figures. It was intended to celebrate all iterations of the franchise including the vintage MOTU series, Princess of Power (PoP), New Adventures of He-Man (NA), and the modern 200x Mike Young Productions interpretation of the series. A lengthy all-inclusive story was plotted out to give the line a cohesive story to tell in the bios for each figure. The subsequent story told thus far has had a some twists that really threw us for a loop. Here is my top 5 list of revalations for the MOTU Classics bios.

I am including each of the relevant bios for each point, but I tried not to overwhelm you all with too much reading.

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Reminder: MattyCollector Day for April 2011 Sy-Klone, Panthor, Weapons Rack, Moss Man

Just a reminder folks! Today is MattyCollector Day for the month of April 2011. This week sees the offerings of Sy-Klone, Panthor, Re-issue Moss Man (unflocked ears), and the long awaited Weapons Rack. It should be a tough day for all since the Weapons Rack was not included in the Club Eternia subscription service so brace for MattyCollector impact and lots of White Screen wait times.

More pictures after the jump.
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