Looks like Parkinson’s has claimed another of Hollywood’s greats.

The L.A. Times today reported today that actor Bob Hoskins announced his retirement today after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. If you don’t happen to know Hoskins (and if not, shame on you; you’re a bad geek), then perhaps the movie titles Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Hook, Brazil and Super Mario Bros. might ring a bell.

Hoskins turned 70 later this year, and follows after other renowned geek-beloved actor Michael J. Fox for retiring from the acting spotlight after being the most well-known actor who brought spotlight to the serious ailment that is Parkinson’s. (Fox later came back to acting several years after retiring, but has been no-less active in the fight against the disease and raising awareness about it)

We wish Mr. Hoskins well with his retirement and for his future.