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Five Reasons Sucker Punch Is Better Than Avatar

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been dogged by the fact that I though Avatar was an overrated turd, and now I’ve got the ideal underrated gem to compare it to. Both rely heavily on their visual effects to tell a story and I’ll spell out five reasons why I think Sucker Punch is better than Avatar.

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Sucker Punch trailer mashed up with Disney Princesses

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Sucker Punch Fantasy Artwork Posters

Last week I showed you the trailer for SUCKER PUNCH, a new film from Zack Snyder about hot chicks in a mental institution, which may replace the young male fantasy of hot chicks in prison upon its release.

While this is aimed squarely at the type of guy who reads comic books, its not based on any comic or other source material. With that in mind another set of character posters were created of the main cast by artist Alex Pardee.

To see the larger version, right click on the image, select “Save As” and download to your folder marked “hentai.”

SUCKER PUNCH will release March 2011.


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