Nik Choeychan in front of the Springfield, Oregon sign

In a recent interview with the Smithsonian Magazine Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, has revealed that the “Springfield” the show takes place in was actually based on Springfield Oregon! Fans have been trying to determine the location of Springfield for many years, as the show has given many, often contradictory, clues to the city’s actual location.

No doubt this will do nothing to settle the age old argument. The show’s city may have been loosely inspired by a city in Oregon, not far from Matt Groening’s home town of Portland, but the town of Springfield is a place all to itself.

Springfield, Oregon is a tiny town, home to only about 60,000 people at last count. Is that even equivalent to the number of guest stars to appear in the show over the past 23 years?

Thanks to Nik Choeychan who’s picture of the Springfield, Oregon sign I stole from his MySpace page. Could Nik be the inspiration for Bart Simpson? No. Not at all…