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Powetcast 152, No Topic Required -2

tempntrpowetcast We’re on the verge of counting down to revealing the next phase of this podcast. It was a natural evolution that we put even less work into the show than we did prior!
One of the goals behind the revamp was to perform shorter shows with a quicker turn around time. So this one is an hour still and two days late. Trust me, it gets better.

Special thanks to Sarah Rattle.

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Anna Faris parodies Sailor Moon on Saturday Night Live

Anna Faris parodies Sailor Moon on Saturday night live

In this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live a skit featured host Anna Faris as a character that looks quite familiar to Sailor Moon fans. The clip has Faris playing a Japanese anime fan and despite the similarities to Sailor Moon she mentions she is dressed as her own fan made character “Cherry Cherry Rock and Roll”.

Americans can watch the clip on Hulu:

The rest of the world can keep reading for the YouTube version which might not be around for long…

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