World War 3 arrives at our doorstep with Modern Warfare 3. After the events of Modern Warfare 2, you’ll see urban combat as forces step into England, France, Germany, and the USA.

Infinity Ward says they’ve got a new engine and just as always, the visuals are some of the best in the business.

This is also the first CoD game from Infinity Ward after a mass exodus of high level staff after a dispute with Activison over wages and royalties. Those that remain are being backed up by Sledgehammer, a new studio with members of EA Redwood, who produced Dead Space.

Since the trailer focuses on the (over the top) campaign, its hard to say how this game will fair against its most dedicated multiplayer fans, but I think its safe to say that November 8 will see a lot of people lining up at their local game shops.

A note to our audience: I know this is the most mainsteam game produced for consoles outside of Madden, but if you didn’t at least play through the first Modern Warfare game, you really missed something awesome.