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$20 Game of the Week/Maximum Letdown Special: A Midsummer’s Beatdown

As I type this, it’s a few days removed from America’s birthday. Which means leftover fireworks, leftover hot dogs, and public pools. More importantly, it’s the middle of summer. Which means the temperature is getting higher, and with those temperatures, tensions are getting higher. Eventually, with those high tensions, this will happen:

But why get into a real life brawl and risk ending up on when you can engage in some digital fisticuffs instead? This special edition of $20GOTW/Maximum Letdown takes a look at some of the best and worst fighting games of the recent and distant past, so click below and check it out.
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Powet’s First Look at Skullgirls at PAX East 2011

Powet's First Look at Skullgirls at PAX East 2011

At PAX earlier this year we had a chance to try out “Skullgirls”, a great looking fighter that will be out later this year.

Watch this video in HD..

Learn more about this upcoming game at the Skullgirls web site.


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Powet @ PAX – SkullGirls Footage

For the first day of gathering intel on the floor of the PAX East Expo Hall, I managed to sneak some footage of one of the more interesting games being featured – SkullGirls

SkullGirls caught our eye due to it’s interesting style of gameplay and art. Looking like a cross between Marvel vs. Capcom and Guilty Gear, SkullGirls features some very crisp 2D art done by none other than Alex Ahad of Scott Pilgrim game fame. Developed by Autumn Games, it features young women duking it out with symbiotic skulls on their heads. It looks cooler than it sounds, so judge for yourself.

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