In the past few years, video game conventions have managed to take great strides to become a heavy presence in the convention and event field. With PAX, and later PAX East, and eventually smaller but more tight-knit cons like MAGfest and Gencon, video games have been getting a lot of venue attention. Eventually, gaming media giant Screwattack decided to create their own event called SGC (Screwattack Gaming Convention) Started in 2009, it was in their own words – “We don’t think of SGC as a “convention” but moreso as a 72 hour gamer slumber party.”.

Unfortunately, after the second SGC in 2010, funding the event became too hard and the venue did not return for 2011 or 2012. However last month, Screwattack posed the idea of bring SGC back with the help of Kickstarter. If 100K was raised in the month timeframe, SGC would be able to rise again and offer another fun gaming event for all to enjoy. However, the campaign started slow and suffered from a slight lack of publicity and details as to how the money raised would be spent to make SGC come to life.

Surprisingly, however, it became Cindrella story of sorts, since within a 12-hour period, not only was the gaming fan community able to rally together and raise the remaining 30k in funds that was missing from the original goal, the goals was actually succeeded by an additional 20k.

Sadly, they couldn’t make the goal of 300k that would ensure Stuttering Craig would cosplay as Chun-Li the entire con. A heavy loss indeed.