Well thanksgiving has passed, and so has the rush of Black Friday. In a few hours, ‘Cyber Monday’ will be at its end as well. Of course, why stay in line for great gaming bargains when you can get the hookup straight from the crew at Powet? We know it’s saturday, but every game you see in this article can be purchased at most online and/or in-store game dealers for $20 or less year round and are downloadable, so you don’t have to worry about standing in line in sub-zero temps, being trampled, or getting up at 5 am. Because most online dealers are having holiday specials, you might even be able to save even more cash this weekend. Instead of just $20 Game of the Week, we’re calling this one Green Everyday! For the fourth year in a row, Powet is glad to bring you Green Everyday 2014.
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