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SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show Lineup

One publisher’s game list for one trade show shouldn’t be a big deal, but as a fan of several dormant Sega series, I’m making it a big deal. Xbox360Rally has a list of games Sega will supposedly announce and display at Tokyo Game Show.
Stuff we’ll be happy to see again: Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, House Of The Dead, and Sega Rally.
Stuff you never expected to see again: Shenmue I, II, and III, Fighter’s Megamix, Virtual Fighter Kids, and Chu Chu Rocket!

Full list after the jump [Read the rest of this entry…]

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God of War PSP Exclusive Concept Art

With the high anticipation of the PSP-exclusive game God of War: Chains of Olympus game on the horizon, talks of the demo release permeate through the web. I’ve managed to get my hands on some exclusive concept art for the upcoming game, revealing a few interesting points in the game – more importantly the concepts of the “Death Tree”. Whether this takes a page from 300 or not is anyone’s guess.

The game itself focuses on Kratos’s life whilst in servitude to the gods before the storyline of the first God of War game, and brings talk of new areas and new enemies adapted from Greek mythology for the Spartan to endure, including a trip to Hades. (presumably where said Death Tree is)
God of War: CoOGod of War: CoO2

Chains of Olympus is slated for a November release, with the demo being available to Playstation Underground members in September.


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New Final Fantasy PSP

Final Fantasy DissidiaGotta love Square-Enix for their teasers.

Yesterday, a new site was launched representing the newest addition to the legendary Final Fantasy series : Dissidia. Obviously, not much is out right now in terms of information about the game, other than it’s for the PSP, and Nomura is doing the character designs. The unconfirmed info concerning the game is that it very well might not be a traditional RPG, like the rest of the series, and that it may be based off of Final Fantasy XIII. This is also meant to be a part of the “20th Anniversary” stint of special goodies being released by Square-Enix.

More details will supposedly be released at this weekend’s Square-Enix Party. No release date other that “TBA” has been given as of yet.

You can check out the teaser site HERE.

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Silent Hill Origins Update

Silent Hill OriginsSeems that news regarding the PSP-exclusive upcoming chapter of the Silent Hill mythos kinda slips by unnoticed recently. However, it seems a bit of new info and new additions to “Origins” has hit the web for Silent Hill enthusiasts to decend upon.

As a recap, Silent Hill Origins is a prequel to the rest of the games in the series, particularly numbers 1 and 3. Until now, only some character information has been sprinkled about, with some screenshots of over-the-shoulder gameplay, ala Resident Evil 4. Now, it seems the SH team scrapped that concept in favor of the oldschool 3rd person. In this game, you play as newcomer Travis O’Grady, whom finds himself in the misty town of Silent Hill after saving a mysterious girl from a burning house. (series fans should pick up on this right away) After which, Travis tries to investigate what happened to the little girl, only to be thrown into the chaos that permiates from deep within the town itself.

According to Game Informers, despite the smaller screen size, the game itself is no less creepy than it’s large-screen predecessors. Gameplay is simple, with some new features thrown in such as being able to charge your attacks and the ability to lock onto several targets and toggle between them.

Have we mentioned the creepy?

Silent Hill Origins is slated for release in fall of later this year.

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Final Fantasy on the PSP

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition on the PSP
Because we didn’t have enough versions of the older Final Fantasy games they’re now being released in a similar but once again slightly improved version in “Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition” for the PlayStation portable. Gamespot has some images from the two games to be released, Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II. The graphics are 2D, not 3D like the recently released Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS, but they are still a considereable improvement over the last version of these games we’ve seen. The Wonderswan Color, PlayStation 1 and Gameboy Advance versions of Final Fantasy 1 and 2 all had essentially similar graphics which were redone since the original games. What we see here is an improvement of those graphics in a similar style.

Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy II

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Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars

Hi, I’m Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars! I want some candy. I’m not a regular Taxi, I’m fighting a war over fares. Isn’t that CRAZY? Now give me some candy!

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Transformers The Game Has Welker, Stuff To Throw

Hugo Weaving may have landed the role of Megatron in the 2007 Transformers movie, but the video game adaptation will feature Frank Welker. This will be the first time Frank Welker has voiced Megatron in over 20 years, last seen in Transformers The Movie in 1986. According to GameSpot, Welker will be joined by Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime. GameSpot also has an interview with Frank Welker, and one with Peter Cullen.

GameSpot also released 3 new screenshots from the game, shown here. All three feature Bumblebee fighting Decepticons.

transformers1.jpg transformers2.jpg transformers3.jpg

The first and last ones have Barricade, but that middle one appears to be Swindle, who showed up on eBay the other day.

Update! The rub with posting stuff like this in the morning is that by the evening all the press-releases are out and I gotta update the post. So, check out the new game site, Make sure you’ve got your flash up to date and you’ll get more screen shots from the game , the developers’ blog, and, even a poll to name some of the new Transformers that appear in the game. Coolest of all is a new interview with Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. Just click through to the videos section for that. Bonus: watching Welker talk and hearing Fred from Scooby Doo.

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PSP Price Cut To $169

Still not quite as cheap as the Nintendo DS, Sony’s handheld is coming to a more reasonable price at $169.99. That $200 you had socked away can now get not only the PSP Core pack, but a game as well! Before taxes of course.

It’s become far too easy to rag on Sony’s powetful little handheld, so hopefully this will give it a shot in the arm. At over 24 million sold, it’s the highest selling non-Nintendo handheld ever made, and that’s a pretty good success story in itself.

Official announcement should be here in the morning, but GameStop signage has already leaked to confirm.

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