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Plants vs Zombies 2: Its About Time trailer

I don’t get stupidly excited about very many games any more, but I sure am stupidly excited about the upcoming sequel to the hit game, Plants vs Zombies. Set for a worldwide release on July 18th, the game will be exclusive to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I am really hoping that this exclusivity is only a limited time deal, as many fans have none of those devices.

The game has apparently been completely rebuilt “as a live service”. It is not clear if that means you will need a constant internet connection to play. Game levels will feature all new settings from both the past and future. Apparently, where we are going, we don’t need lawns!

Let us know if you are excited in the comments!



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Plants Vs Zombies Launches On Android

PopCap games has finally brought their very popular backyard defense game Plants Vs Zombies to Android devices! Its available via the Amazon Appstore exclusively, so you won’t find it on Android Market. Its well worth downloading the Amazon Appstore right now because PvZ is free today only. Yes, May 31, 2011. If it is any other day, you’ll pay $2.99. Be aware the size of the game means you have to download over wifi, but you can still buy the game now and download later if you’re mobile. You can even queue it from the website if you don’t have your phone or tab handy right now.

$2.99 is still a good price for a great game (and a bargain compared to what you pay on other platforms), but its worth downloading Plants Vs Zombies now while its still free.

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Plants Vs Zombies XBox 360 Trailer

plants-vs-zombiesThe world’s best zombie tower defense game is coming to Xbox 360 on September 8, 2010. Its been available on PC and iPhone for some time but will now join its Popcap brethren Peggle as a Live Arcade download.

New in this version will be 2 player VS and Co-Op, as well as leaderboard and the the minigames from the original PC release.


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