You can be forgiven for thinking that Oniken is a lost NES title. Brazilian developer Joymasher’s indie title is a tribute to classic hack ‘n’ slash platformers like Strider and Ninja Gaiden. If this title came out 25 years earlier, it would be one of the best selling titles on the NES. As Zaku, you are on a one-man mission to bring down a corrupt regime in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll encounter several enemies and bosses, and you’ll obtain several power-ups. The difficulty can be brutal, but classic NES gamers wouldn’t want it any other way. You can purchase it from Desura, and it’s on Steam Greenlight. Check out the group’s next entry, Odallus, a game that has Castlevania and Metroid influences. Joymasher is a group that fans of classic action games will want to keep an eye on.