Before Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, and your other favorite military shooter, there was Delta Force. Few games before it and few games since have had the depth of gameplay and realism that Delta Force had. Yesterday, the company formerly known as Deep Silver has acquired the Novalogic catalog. This means that Deep Silver, now known as THQ Nordic, has the rights to not only the Delta Force series, but Commanche, Armored Fist, Joint Operations, and even the 2000 space-flight simulator, Tachyon: The Fringe. The last release from the company was 2009’s Delta Force Xtreme 2 (Pictured). Deep Silver has been making some big moves after acquiring most of THQ’s properties in 2013 including Saint’s Row, Darksiders, and Red Faction. They renamed themselves THQ Nordic this past august. With the acquisition of Novalogic, hopefully this means we’ll see some new Delta Force games.