Marvel’s video game panel at New York Comic Con had a few cool announcements about the future of Captain America in games, and some unexpected reveals for Marvel VS Capcom 3.

But for classic gamers, the big news is the return of the mammoth X-Men brawler from Konami. Originally released in 1992 with character designs pulled from the Pryde of the X-Men TV Pilot, this machine was different from similar Simpsons and TMNT brawlers in that it allowed up to 6 players instead of the usual 4. With so much action on screen, the cabinet was expanded to two side by side monitors. With the universal adoption of widescreen TVs in the last few years, its expected that not much of that will be lost in this new port.

Konami intends to keep 6 player support with online “drop in/drop out” co-op, just like the old quarter muncher.

The best news is the trailer features a classic spoken line from the game, courtesy of Magneto: “X-Men, Welcome to die!” which leads me to believe all the Engrish is intact. The Juggernaut will also retain his bazooka, even if that makes absolutely no sense.

No release date announce, its expected in 2011