DC Entertainment today revealed the first cover for the forthcoming “World’s Finest” comic book. This book reintroduces Power Girl to the “New 52” and teams her with Huntress. It is a fish out of water story, as both of these characters are from “Earth 2” and are lost in the new DC Universe.

Which is to say, they are going back to the silver age origins of both characters. Nothing wrong there. They even got a silver age throwback, George Perez to draw the cover. Kevin Maguire is said to be doing interior artwork.

Except, this is a pretty disturbing cover. The goal of the New 52 was to modernize the characters, then why does Power Girl look like a throwback? She’s got a new cape, knee high boots, gauntlets and a terrible haircut. This is a lot worse than just taking away Superman’s red speedo. The ‘boob window’ and the crazy sexuality of Power Girl is what helped make the character. It is why the run with Palmiotti/Grey/Conner was so popular. She is supposed to be ridiculously, comically attractive. Dude’s fawn over her, she kicks their asses. That is the way it works.

This cover, much like the new DC logo that it will bear in the top left corner, is completely uninspired.

Hoping Kevin Maguire can do something with this design. I also hope Paul Levitz brings some levity (if you’ll excuse the pun) to the stories. It would be a pity if one of the most entertaining and beautiful books of the old 52 ended up being a drag.