Isaiah Mustafa, the man who took the nation by storm in a series of very clever Old Spice commercials, has been very vocal about wanting Marvel comics to consider him as Luke Cage in a future movie.

Now taking matters into his own hands, Mustafa appears to have financed the production of a trailer for this non-existant film. Marvel has over the last several years put Luke Cage as a lower priority as it established its Avengers series, but has stated that smaller films about Dr Strange and other less mainstream characters are possible next. Luke Cage would fit in that perfectly, and would be an excellent addition to a future Avengers movie for a cameo.

Theres no doubt that if internet buzz takes over, Marvel will at least consider Mustafa for the role. So does this trailer convince you as it should convince Marvel?

Of course Marvel has already cast Mustafa as Luke Cage once… [Read the rest of this entry…]