From the people that bought you Uplink comes Defcon, a simple looking, yet complex PC indie game. DEFCON is reminiscent of the computer screens in movies such as WarGames which depict war and human loss as a series of onscreen icons. Your goal is complete destruction of every region that isn’t yours. You make use of combers, nukes, subs, and other weapons to try to blow up the other players’ cities. There are 5 different levels of DEFCON, allowing you access to certain abilities and weaponry so you can plan your strategy. When you reach DEFCON 1, everyone gains access to nukes, at which point all hell breaks loose. This is designed for multiplayer. Although you can play against AI Bots, there is no storyline to speak of. Like Uplink before it, DEFCON’s simplistic graphics disguise some deep gameplay. It’s available on the cheap on most game distribution services, so pick it up and satisfy your evil overlord fantasies.