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Rumor: Battleborn to go Free to Play soon

Battleborn is a multiplayer shooter developed by Gearbox (Borderlands, Duke Nukem Forever) and released by 2K games this past way. It received rave reviews thanks to its quirky cast of characters, varied hero mechanics, and kick ass 80s-cartoon style intro as seen above. Unfortunately Blizzard’s Overwatch hit later that month, and now Battleborn is known as that “Other new multiplayer shooter”. Even so, Gearbox has been releasing new content for the game, such as new maps, heroes, and single player missions. However, an anonymous source reported to Kotaku that Gearbox is considering making Battleborn free to play. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchfork denied these claims, instead saying that the company plans to release a ‘trial version’ which will allow players to purchase the full game and DLC (which kinda sounds like f2p to me). If it did, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. This past summer, 2k’s Evolve went f2p and saw its Steam user base increase by the thousands. Battleborn is a great shooter which would use a similar shot in the arm, even if it isn’t free to play.

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Powetcast 39: vs. the World

Powetcast 39: vs. the World

Did you miss us? We’re back with the most epic episode yet: Scott Pilgrim vs. Duke Nukem, Other M, Fringe, Inception, Grimlock, Poker Night at the Inventory, and Bioware DLC! Who will win?

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(Did you see Scott Pilgrim? Interested in the comics or games? Excited that Duke Nukem has been resurrected? Leave your comments below.)

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