Several games in the recent past have used Africa as a backdrop. Far Cry 2 had you stepping in a war between 2 warring African powers, Far Cry 3 had you trying to escape an island near Africa that was ran by a homicidal cartel of human traffickers, Resident Evil 5 had you gunning down infected villagers in war torn shanty towns, while Call of Duty (along with other military FPS games) had you gunning down enemy insurgents in similarly war-torn villages. All of these games of course have something in common; you’re basically the one-man army out to kill every bad guy in sight in decrepit war-torn lands. Then again there are Cabela’s hunting games, but who plays any of those? Africa has a rich mythological and spiritual history that makes it ripe for gaming. Not only that, the continent itself has a vibrant gaming scene full of young and hungry developers eager to make their mark upon the world. Kiro’o Games, one of these developers, has tapped into Africa’s rich culture with its debut action rpg, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan.
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