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Toys R Us Exclusive Minimates Heralds of Galactus box set announced

Marvel Minimates Herlads of Galactus box set

Marvel Minimates Herlads of Galactus box set

From ArtAsylum’s blog:

A few months back, Toys R Us hosted a poll to choose who would be in their exclusive four-pack of Marvel Minimates spotlighting Galactus and his Heralds. And we are now pleased to reveal the lineup! Nova, Morg, Terrax and Galactus himself will be in the 4-pack, and each will be tricked out to the max. Nova will have a flaming flight base that connects to her fiery hair; Morg will have an axe and a flight base; Terrax will have his axe, a rock to ride on and a clear support stand; and Galactus will come with a teeny-tiny Silver Surfer accessory that hovers above his shoulder. Diamond Select is currently looking for a way to offer the two remaining characters, Airwalker and Firelord, in the regular Minimates line, but the Heralds of Galactus Box Set will be available at Toys R Us this winter! All of the Minimates in the set are 2 inches tall, and have 14 points of articulation.

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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Final Boss is…


The creators at Capcom had to have a big villain worthy of bringing the long dormant Marvel VS series back into gaming, and it wasn’t Dr Wily. This game play video courtesy youtube user Bunnyspatial shows the planet crushing Galactus and many of his attacks straight from the game. The player loses, of course, and we get a chance to see what happens if you don’t win before the continue screen.

Are there any shock character reveals left? I don’t know, but even if the surprises are spent, we still haven’t played the game yet, and that is certainly still worth looking forward to.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds will be out on February 15. Pre-Order the Special Edition now to get one month of Marvel Digital Comics, 12 Art book, 12 page prologue comic, and access to the first DLC pack of Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath a month before other players.

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