Two new Furbies dancing

Furby is back and he looks absolutely amazing! Furby toys were hugely popular when they first hit the market in 1998. They interacted with children who played with them in various ways and learned along the way. Needless to say the new Furbies look to be a vast improvement over the original toys. While the form factor is a bit different and one that some fans may take getting used to the things Furby can do are nothing short of fantastic. Check out this video from Engadget, as well as the article that went along with it.

Furby’s learning and degrees of motion seem quite superior to his nearly 15 year old counterpart. The eyes are replaced with two mini LCD screens allowing for many variations where little was available previously. His interaction with music and other devices is a real welcome change. It really seems like Furby is singing along with the music. How is this done? I’m sure it took quite a few smart guys at Hasbro to figure all of this out. Based on the box art Furby appears to come in solid blue, red, yellow and black colours. At $60 a piece it remains to be seen if Furby is ready to be the must have toy of this holiday season, but I’ll certainly be knocking over children and soccer moms to get my mitts on one!