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$20 er….Free game of the week: Mega Man Revolution (PC)


A while back I featured another fan-made Mega Man project, Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch. SInce all seems to be quiet on the blue bomber front as of late, here is another fan-made Mega Man title. Unlike MM8DM, Revolution is more of a traditional Mega Man game in the 8-bit style. It’s a follow up to the storyline of Mega Man 8, as it involves teh evil energy which was a plot point of that game. Other than that, it’s the usual Mega Man style gameplay, there are 8 robot masters, you have to take them on in a certain order, you gain their weapons upon their defeat, and when the 8 robot masters are gone, you take on Wily. Fans of the series wouldn’t have it any other way. Download it from here.

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$20…er….Free game of the Week: American Dream (Ouya)


The Ouya isn’t exactly taking the world by storm, but I still gotta show it some love. Yes I know its launch wasn’t exactly perfect and not that many people are buying the software, but it’s not a triple A console, it’s an independently developed project funded via kickstarter. It’s $99, it can run your favorite retro games via emulator, it has a library of games already available for it (for better or worse), and you can develop software for it. That last part is especially important, because with the indie development scene exploding, you’ll wind up with experimental entries like American Dream that you won’t see on Steam any time soon.
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