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Farscape coming to Blu-Ray November 15

A+E will be releasing the complete Farscape series in Blu-Ray on November 15th. The series will be offered in season sets at $70 each or as a full series for $200. The set will feature remastered footage from the original source material. The set will not include the Peacekeeper Wars mini-series that tied up loose ends at the end of the series since those rights are still in the hands of Lionsgate.

Fans of the site may remember that Farscape was covered in one of our Powet Alphabet articles, F is for Farscape.

See after the jump for the full list of features

Note that the preorder price on Amazon is only US$125!

[Source: MTV Geek]
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Powet Alphabet: F is for Farscape


Since the alphabet is the building block of our language, the Powet Alphabet is the building block of what makes us geeks.

Before the Sci Fi Channel (or “SyFy”, as it’s now known) decided it hated science fiction fans, it was dedicated to bringing original science fiction content to the masses. The network didn’t always do this well (see Mission: Genesis), but in the late ’90s it would do this often. The first original series to catch my eye that wasn’t a total bomb was Farscape.

Farscape tells the story of IASA scientist and astronaut John Crichton, who is flung unwittingly across space via wormhole to try to survive in a much more advanced society that, due to his many other misfortunes, finds excuses to seek his complete and utter destruction. In true Douglas Adams fashion, we quickly find that Earth (“never heard of it”) is a truly backwater planet, leaving our hero stuck in the middle just trying to figure out what’s going on. Unlike other protagonists stuck in this situation, however, Crichton is able to bring his full knowledge of year 2000-era science fiction pop culture to bear in order to make sense of the things happening around him, to him, and without him.

For these and many other reasons that we are about to explore, Farscape wasn’t just another run-of-the-mill low budget hack writer’s fantasy. It was a hack writer’s fantasy with heart, drama, love, death, and re-death. And lots of sci-fi in-jokes. Come with us as we explore the Powet Alphabet’s “F”.

…what, you expecting Famicom?

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