UPDATE: Read HERE for newer information about Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy, known for his portrait of infamous British convict Charles Bronson, has agreed to take a role in the next Batman film.

Deadline reports that Hardy will reteam with director Christopher Nolan after the highly successful Inception. The role itself is being kept secret, its unknown if he’ll play a villain or hero but it will be a lead role. Begin speculation!

This news comes just days after Rhys Ifans was cast in Spider-Man, again in an secret role. At least the Spider-Man folks had the decency to tell us what side of the law Ifans will be on. Though I suppose considering Nolan’s Batman franchise, the good and bad guys are never quite so starkly portrayed.

Hardy also becomes the first person of note cast in the movie, though Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Cane, and Morgan Freeman are all expected to reprise their roles.
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