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Let’s face it, having a servant must be an awesome thing. They clean up after you, prepare your daily routine, fix you whatever you want to eat and drive you around – amongst a whole plethora of other duties. They are your right-hand man. (or woman, if we want to be politically correct)

Then there are the servants that not only fix you dinner and take out the trash, but the type that REALLY take out the trash. They do everything from help you combat colds to combat the forces of hell. They may have been soldiers in their former lives, or are just very dedicated to making sure every possible need of their masters is met; even those that require a good helping of regular asskicking.

There is “effective”, and then there is “combat effective”. These guys take up both titles. They will also serve you tea in-between cracking skulls. Would you like some sugar with your lumps?
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