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Top 5: Coolest Movie Cars!

Welcome to the Powet Top Five, where we subjectively list the best of the best (or the worst of the worst) from the worlds of movies, games, comics, and toys.

In our first installment, in honor of The Dark Knight, I’m going to show you what I think are the top 5 fictional cars used in movies. If you think I missed one, leave a comment!

The Tumbler
When Batman Begins required a realisitc reboot of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego, they made the drastic move of changing everything about the Batmobile. Previous incarnations, used in the Adam West TV series and in the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman movie, were nothing short of stylish and certainly fit in with the times and style of the movies themselves. What makes the Tumbler cooler than the rest is its an actual working car. Built from scratch with a Chevy 350 V8 engine, this gigantic beast does everything you’d expect from the movie version except use live ammo or jump across buildings. It will tear up a track better than any other Batmobile (top speed of the 89 Batmobile is said to be roughly 30 miles per hour), reaching speeds of 100 MPH on the highway chase scenes.
Is it practical? No way. Just because it works like it should doesn’t mean its a good daily driver, as its massive with limited visibility for the driver. Parallel parking would be a nightmare… of course you could just crush other cars and park where you want.

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Flux Capacitor ships next month, Delorean not included

DST Flux Capacitor Post Banner

ActionFigureInsider brings us news that DST will be shipping a prop replica of the flux capacitor from Back to the Future. According to DST’s mySpace page, the key to time travel ships next month.
One can only imagine how many people will mount this in their car.
DST Flux Capacitor 1 DST Flux Capacitor 2

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