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$20 Game of the Week: Batman – Arkham Asylum (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

In 2009, Rocksteady developed the first good Batman game since the 16-bit days (okay, it was that but…) the best Batman game in recent history (okay, it was that too but…) the definitive Batman game (it was that until Arkham City was released earlier this fall) the second best Batman game ever. By taking cues from Bioshock, Metroid, and some of Marvel’s recent games, Batman Arkham Asylum puts players in the role of the Caped Crusader in a way that few games have done before. By presenting its own visual style and providing tons of fan service, Batman Arkham Asylum becomes one of the best comic-inspired games of this console generation.
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SDCC 2011: Talia Al Ghul confirmed for Batman: Arkham City

EW got the scoop to reveal that Talia Al Ghul will be in the new game, Batman: Arkham City, the much anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. I’m just going to quote the article because it sums everything up pretty well.

EW can exclusively confirm that Stana Katic, best known for playing Detective Kate Beckett on ABCís Castle, will voice the character of Talia al Ghul in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City, the follow-up to 2009?s much-beloved Batman: Arkham Asylum. Thereís no word yet on how Talia will figure into the gameís storyline. In the comics, Talia is the frequently conflicted daughter of Raís al Ghul, one of Batmanís archenemies. In spite of this, Talia is often a love interest for the Dark Knight. The two even get married at one point, with Talia giving birth to Batmanís son, Damian Wayne.

Katicís involvement in the game will be announced later today at a Comic-Con panel for Batman: Arkham City, which hits stores Oct. 18 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Powetcast Episode 25: Aught to Enjoy


The aughts are over with 2009. Did we make the best of it? Did our predictions for the year turn out the way we hoped back in our inaugural Powetcast? Regardless, what were the best and worst entertainment items of the year? Find out in this special two-part season finale of the Powetcast!

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Direct Link: Powetcast Episode 25.5: The Coolest Beans of 2009

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(What were your favorite games, comics, tv, movies, and toys from 2009? Leave your comment below!)

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