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Google kicks off April Fools Day with Pokemon for Google Maps

Google has unveiled their best April Fools joke yet. With the new job role of Pokemon Master, they have updated Google Maps to be one giant game of Pokemon. You can explore real world maps and find Pokemon to catch. There are 150 Pokemon available in all. As you catch them you can see them in your Pokedex, which can be found by going to the search box. An option will appear to either let you go to the Pokedex or the Pokemon Center. This intrepid explorer has found a Pokemon Center in San Francisco, Tokyo and Sydney so far. Have you found others? Let us know in the comments. I’m up to 75 Pokemon so far with hopes to get all 150 by the end of the day. Keep us updated on your progress!

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Resident Evil Creator to Get own Action Figure

Seems Shinji Mikami, creator of Capcom’s titular survival horror video game series Resident Evil is getting his own action figure!

At least, that’s what the April Fool’s joke would lead you to believe.

Capcom Unity and reports that several hoax images have been created by Tango Gameworks (who Mikami now works for after having left Capcom a few years back) that feature Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami as a full-blown action figure that comes with accessories such as a shavable beard, a button that launches him into outer space depending on how much praise you give him, and shouts such quotes as “This Armani suit cost an arm ‘n a leg” and “If Shumacher had his own meal, you think he’d call it stewmacher?

Mikami worked on all the Resident Evil games right up until Resident Evil 4, as well has having a hand in producing Devil May Cry (what originally started out as being Resident Evil 4), Dino Crisis, Killer 7 and God Hand.

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