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Amazon Gold Box Deal: Transformers movie trilogy marked down

The Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day features both the DVD and Blu-Ray edition of the Transformers trilogy of movies today. They have been marked down significantly. The DVD edition has been marked down to 17.99 from 40.99 and the Blu-Ray edition has been marked down to 29.99 from 76.99. I believe a newer edition of the trilogy will be forthcoming with lots of extras not inlcuded in these sets, but this price is pretty hard to ignore. If you want to help our site and get a great deal at the same time, use the links below to purchase these sets!

The trilogy includes:
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

[UPDATE] I added in the 7 disc collectors set that is both Blu-Ray and DVD because it is also $60 off.

DVD Blu-Ray Deluxe 7 disc BluRay+DVD

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Leave a Comment Gold Box deals featuring video game products all day

It has been brought to our attention that will be running video game related sales on their Gold Box deals page all day long today. Make sure to check out what they have for sale by going through this link. It will help us out, while we help you out.
Happy shopping, Poweteers!

Thanks to board member Rabban for the tip!


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