Make your own 2D to 3D glasses

The 3D fad is having a huge impact, but not everyone is on board. If you’re one of those people that would rather see movies in 2D, then what you need is 3D to 2D glasses. I made a pair of these to see Beauty and the Beast. The movie was never meant to be made in 3D, so I would rather watch it like it should be seen. The glasses worked great, showing the movie in 2D as it was originally made despite viewing a 3D version. Appalled that functionally similar glasses were being sold for $8 online, I’ve put together these instructions so that you can make your own for next to nothing.

Make your own 2D to 3D glasses Cardboard, Bots Master shades & Real D 3D glasses

You really don’t need much to make these. You need 2 pairs of Real D 3D glasses, some cardboard, some tape, a pair of scissors and a small amount of time. If you have another pair of cardboard 3D glasses for reference, that will make your job easier.

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