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First image of Mark Wahlberg on the set of Transformers 4!

Marky Mark in Transformers 4

Yesterday we learned that Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg had joined the cast of Transformers 4. has an exclusive first look at Marky Mark on the set in the role of Optimus Prime!

This is of course not Marky Mark’s first affiliation with Transformers. In the movie Boogie Nights Marky covered Stan Bush’s “The Touch” from the 1986 Transformers animated movie. This is shown in Powet’s review of the Transformers animated movie on Blu-Ray:

He also whips out a large prosthetic penis in the film.

It was previously reported that Jason Statham would be the new star of the film. At this time this appears to be untrue as he was not spotted on set along with Marky Mark.

The Powet Top 5 – Movies Based on Video Games

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - Ryu getting punched by Ken

Movies based on video games are a lot like video games based on movies. They’re trying to cash in on an existing franchise and are usually almost completely devoid of any quality. But there are exceptions! Every once in a while there are games like Golden Eye which buck the trend. There is even the occasional movie based on a video game which isn’t completely horrible. I have a strange fascination with movies based on games, both the bad and the good.

Part of enjoying a video game movie is managing your expectations. I don’t think it’s fair to ignore that a movie is bad but there’s no sense in getting your panties in a bunch when a director you don’t like becomes attached to a film based on your favourite game. This list of the top of the top will demonstrate that even at their best video game movies are not ever treated with a ton of respect. If Uwe Boll or Stephen Sommers aren’t doing your video game movie, the alternative isn’t that Christopher Nolan does it, it’s that no one, or someone worse, does it. With that in mind, enjoy my top 5 favourite video game movies.

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Play Pokémon Black and Blue

PETA's Pokémon Black and Blue

Pokémon Black and White 2 are out this week… but who cares about that? Pokémon Black and Blue is free to play! This game is made by the infamous PETA and is a commentary on the dog fighting like world that is the world of Pokémon.

PETA gets a lot of flack for their sensationalist shenanigans but this time I think they’re pretty much right on the money. The game insinuates that Pokémon are basically owned as slaves who are inhumanely forced to fight each other against their wishes. Ash Ketchum is basically the Michael Vick of Pokémon. In this version you don’t play as a trainer but as Pikachu and other Pokémon who are liberating Pokémon from their evil trainers. This game is obviously made by people who are big fans of Pokémon with all of the great references in it from Mudkips to the parallels between PETA and Team Plasma. Check out the game that’s embedded below.

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New Wizards of Waverly Place special in the works

Selena Gomez as good and evil Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place

The Wizards of Waverly Place TV show ended earlier this year. Though many have been hopeful for some sort of follow up movie, we haven’t had any real confirmation of this… until now! The show’s star Selena Gomez has confirmed in a Radio Disney interview (included below) that a new one hour Wizards of Waverly Place special will be airing on Disney Channel early next year. She will star and be executive producer on the project.

The story has the Russo family traveling to Tuscany where Alex splits herself into Good and Evil Alex. The climax of the movie will have the two battling at the tower of Pisa. I haven’t seen a Good and Evil version of someone battle over the tower of Pisa since Superman 3. Hopefully this one won’t take place in front of a blue screen.

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Arrow first episode review

Stephen Amell - Arrow poster

Last month at Fan Expo in Toronto I was lucky enough to catch a screening of the first episode of Arrow. I really dragged my ass on writing this review of it but that’s okay because CW also dragged their ass on actually airing the show which will premiere on October 10th. I’ve put together my thoughts on the show. I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum. Keep in mind I know very little about the Green Arrow comic on which I’m told this show is based.

Savage island native Oliver Queen in Arrow

The story is simple enough. Some super rich playboy, Oliver Queen, crashes on an island, spends a ton of time there, *something* happens, he becomes proficient with a bow and arrow, then he’s rescued and … he fights crime! With a bow and arrow! He fights criminals that are armed with guns with a bow and arrow!

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The Powet Top 5 – Anime Cats

Welcome to the Powet Top 5, where we explore the top (and bottom) 5 items we think are relevant to any of a variety of topics that span the imagination. Sit back, read, and respond

Sailor Moon episode 31 - Luna and Rhett Butler

Japanese people love cats, as can be seen by such Internet sensations as Maru. This also extends to Anime, where many shows and movies feature prominent cats from pets to sentient cats to humanoid cat people. Here are my top 5 favourites. What are yours?

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Revolution first episode review

Revolution poster CityTV at Fan Expo

A couple of weeks ago at Fan Expo in Toronto, City TV held an advanced screening of the premiere episode of J.J. Abrams’ new TV series “Revolution”. This episode was directed by Jon Favreau, actor and director of movies such as Swingers and Iron Man. As I was not asked to sign an NDA I’ve gathered some thoughts on it and tried to keep spoilers to a minimum but if you’re still not looking to read on I’ll just say that I enjoyed the first episode despite some minor issues and that I’m willing to give the show a chance, hoping it doesn’t become horrible.

I original wrote this review almost two weeks ago but I dragged my ass on posting it for so long that you can now watch the first episode on the NBC web site so forget my review, just go watch it.

Revolution Chicago

The premise of the series is simple and can be inferred quite easily from the trailer. Something, we’re not told what, happens which makes the power go out and then 15 years later we’re shown the world which now exists. This pretty much happens right away as only a short few minutes are shown at the onset of the episode and then quickly this event occurs, and we immediately begin to follow the real flow of the story of this post apocalyptic future world.

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Check out our new sister site

Sailor Moon News banner is happy to announce our latest site Sailor Moon News. We’ve always been happy to bring you all the best in Sailor Moon content here at but now that there’s a new Sailor Moon anime planned for next summer the time seemed right to launch a dedicated Sailor Moon site.

Check us out at the new site, tell your friends and give us some feedback to tell us what kind of stuff you’d like to see more of.

Luna using a computer

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