King of Fighters XIV ver. 2 has been released today. It’s an update that includes 4 characters (3 returning characters and 1 debuting character) and 2 new stages: a remake of Monaco from KOF 97 and a remake of Terry Bogard’s iconic Fatal Fury train stage. The new stages, along with the balance updates are available free on Playstation Network Store, and the characters can be bought for $5.99 each or in a 4 pack for $19.99. Check out the new character trailers after the jump.

1. Making her debut in KOF 99 as part of the Ikari Warriors Team, Whip makes her way back to King of Fighters. In KOF 99 Whip was in search of her brother, who was revealed to be the mysterious K’ and is sometimes a member of his team in subsequent entries of KOF.

2. The female boxer Vanessa debuted in KOF 99 Evolution as a striker character. In KOF 2000, she joined up with K’, MAxima, and Ramon to form, a new version of the heroes team.

3. The Psychopathic Ryuji Yamazaki originally debuted in Fatal FUry 3 and became part of the KOF universe in KOF 97, along with Billy Kane and Blue Mary. In the KOF series, he is a member of the Orochi klan, although he want’s nothing to do with the power.

4. Fan Favorite Rock Howard is set to make his mainstream KOF debut (he was in the Maximum Impact Spinoff previously). The son of Fatal Fury villain Geese Howard, Rock Howard instead looks up to Geese’s enemy, Terry Bogard.

Anyone else you’re hoping to see return to KOF XIV? Personally I’n holding out for Elizabeth, Ash, The Orochi New Faces Team, Chizuru, and any of the folks from the GBA spinoff games.