Today Sony and Marvel released the second trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming. The movie shows scenes of Spidey interacting with Tony Stark along with scenes of Michael Keaton’s Vulture. Check it out above. Also check after the jump to see some news on Sony’s additional Spidey-related films.

Venom has late 2018 Release Date, May be R-Rated

We know that Sony had been wanting to do a Venom movie for some time. Recently it has been confirmed that the movie now has an October 5th 2018 release date. Although no director nor star has been announced, shooting is said to begin later this year. It’s likely that the film will not be related to the MCU even as Sony and Marvel work together with Spider-Man Homecoming, instead being the kick off for an all new universe featuring Spider-Man related Marvel characters that Sony has the rights too. The movie is described as a Sci-fi/Horror/Action film which will likely receive an R-rating, following in lead with Deadpool and Logan.

Silver Sable and Black Cat To Team up on the Big Screen

Along with the Venom film, Sony had also expressed interest in doing a Spider-Man related film featuring a female protagonist. Now it looks like we may be getting a film featuring two of Spidey’s leading ladies; Silver Sable and Black Cat, with a script being written by Thor Ragnarok writer Chris Yost. While the movie doesn’t have a solid release date, shooting is said to begin later this year. For the uninitiated, Silver Sable is a resident of the European nation of Symkaria whose father ran a Nazi-Hunting group known as the Wild Pack. She later takes over the group and becomes a mercenary. Sable has been both enemy and ally to Spider-Man. The Black Cat is a cat burglar known as Felicia Hardy. After her father, himself a famous cat burglar and con man, was arrested, Black Cat took up the family business to break him out of prison. Like Sable, she has been both an ally and enemy to Spider-man, at one point gaining ‘bad luck’ powers.

Both of these movies are scheduled to hit theaters in 2018, and neither film will feature SPider-Man nor will they be connected to the mainstream Marvel Cionematic Universe. Along with these two films, there is also an animated SPider-man film starring Miles Morales