Hasbro showed up to Toy Fair 2017 with quite a few surprises, in addition to some expected Transformers lineup annoucements.
We finally got to see Leader Class Overlord, Voyagers Blitzwing and Octane and Deluxes Top Spin and Twin Twist. We also found out we are getting a new Seaspray and a new Ramhorn!

In addition to the normal line up reveals, Hasbro dropped two new exclusive box sets; Siege on Cybertron and Chaos on Velocitron.

Follow us after the jump for the full breakdown, pictures and more.

It should be noted that some of the official renders seem to show different colors and paint apps than what was on display on Toy Fair. The versions on display are likely the more correct schemes that we will see on store shelves.

Siege on Cybertron (BigBadToyStore Exclusive)
Rodimus Prime (Titan Master w/ Diecast chest)
Clone Fastlane
Nautica (Deluxe retool of Titans Return Blurr)
Voyager Laser Prime
Quickswitch (Leader repaint of Sixshot w/ new Titan Master head)


Chaos on Velocitron (Toys R Us Exclusive)
Thunderwing (Titan Master w/ Diecast chest)
Clone Pounce
Metalhawk (Deluxe repaint of Titans Return Triggerhappy)
Tidal Wave (Voyager repaint of Titans Return Broadside w/ new Titan Master head)
Ginrai (Leader class domestic release of Japanese tooling for Powermaster Optimus Prime)


Titan Masters

Roadburn (Throttlebot Chase)
Cosmos (reissue of 2013 figure)


Deluxe Topspin w/ Freezeout
Deluxe Twin Twist w/ Flameout
Deluxe Krok w/ Gatorface
Deluxe Quake w/ Chasm
Deluxe Windblade w/ Scorchfire


Voyager Blitzwing w/ Hazard
Voyager Octone w/ Murk


Overlord w/ Dreadnaught