new warriors

Although Marvel’s Most Wanted and Agent Carter have been cancelled, Marvel is on a roll with several new television series. Legion is already on its way to FX, while Cloak and Dagger was announced this past April. It looks like several more members of Marvel’s Pantheon of heroes could be joining him on the small screen as well. Click after the jump to learn more.

New Warriors and Squirrel Girl


According to TV Line, Marvel and ABC Studios are developing a half-hour series featuring the New Warriors and Squirrel Girl. Apparently the show won’t be aired on ABC itself, rather, the project is being shopped around to various tv and streaming outlets. The New Warriors is Marvel’s ‘junior Avengers’ team that features members such as Nova, Namorita, and Speedball. The team has had several ongoing series’ throughout the years, and was a central part of the events that kicked off Civil War (The original 2006 crossover, not the 2016 movie).



Another of Marvel’s young hero groups, the Runaways, could be headed to HULU courtesy of Gossip Girl showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. According to TVLine, HULU has ordered a pilot for the series, and it could be followed by a full season if all goes well. Created by Brian K Vaughn in 2002, Runaways follows the adventures of a group of teens who leave home upon discovering that their parents are members of a supervillain cartel. It’ll be interesting to see how this meshes up with Marvel’s deal with Netflix.



Matt Nix (Burn Notice) has been set as showrunner for an as-yet untitled X-men live action series that is in the works for fox. The series will focus on a family forced to go on the run when their children develop mutant powers. While it’s obvious that this show will have no relation with any Marvel Cinematic Universe related shows, it also remains to be seen if the show will tie in to the X-men movies.

As of yet, most of these shows have no announced casts or premier dates. Stay tuned to Powet for more information as we come across it. Speaking of Marvel TV, don’t forget, Luke Cage arrives next month on Netflix! That should be enough to tide you over.