Space Rangers HD is a remake of Space Rangers 2 with tons of new content. Space Rangers 2 was already one of the deepest space sims available, now there is even more meat. Developed by SNK Games (not to be confused with SNK Playmore, makers of King of Fighters), Space Rangers allows players to intervene in a three way war between the galactic authorities, space pirates, and a race a alien beings called the dominators. Of course how you choose to go about your business is up to you. You can ally with one faction, engage in economics,or simply become a pirate and attack ships for their valuables. There are several different play modes, from spaceship battles, to text-adventures, and even a RTS mode where you can construct your own robot troops. Space Ranger’s randomness will ensure that no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Although there are some interface issues and translation errors, Space Rangers is sci-fi nirvana that grants players an unlimited amount of freedom. By the way, be back here this weekend for A Midsummer’s beatdown, where we take a look at some of the most adequate and some of the worst in fighting games.