Not being content with corrupting the match-3/dating sim genre, developer HuniePot has taken it upon themselves to make a NSFW take on the clicker and business management sim genres. Like the studio’s previous effort, Hunniepop, HunieCam studio has been designed with a certain audience in mind. This time around while there isn’t nudity, it still deals with some NSFW themes, so lets keep this away from the young ones shall we?

As you might have guessed from the title, HunieCam studio puts players in charge of a Camshow site. You’ll hire women to do cam shows to earn money. Among the women are the stars of Huniepop along with several new girls. Have your ladies do photoshoots to earn fans who pay to see your workers ‘preform’. If you can provide certain ‘tastes’, you’ll attract even more fans. Increase your employee’s style and talent by sending them shopping and having them hit the strip club. The more style they have, the more fans you’ll earn when you do a photo shoot, and the more talent your girls earn, the more money your fans will be willing to pay to see them preform. Buy advertising on other sites to promote your enterprise, and if you need a few bucks quick fast, you can send them to do an escort (just watch out for STDs, like in real life). You’ll have only 21 days to earn as much money and fans as possible, so it’s tricky figuring out the best way to go about it. At the end of each playthrough you’ll earn tokens you can use to unlock wardrobes and hairstyles for your girls.

Huniecam studio is a surprisingly fun game like its predecessor, even if it’s cartoonish art style is different from Huniepop’s anime-inspired designs. However its $6.99 asking price might be a bit too much to ask for its content, so if you’re on teh fence, it’s best to wait til you can get it on sale.