The trailer for this year’s Call of Duty hit the web today. Check it out, and click to learn more.
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After weeks of hinting and rumors, Infinity Ward/Activision confirmed that this years Call of Duty is called Infinite Warfare and will take the franchise into space. We’ll likely learn more about the game at E3, but from the looks of the trailer, the battle will not only take place on the ground, but in space from within the cockpit of a spaceship. Obviously it doesn’t reveal much about the gameplay, but it looks like it’s bringing back that feeling of being a small part of a huge war that was present in earlier titles. Players who purchase the $79.99 Legacy Edition will gain a copy of Modern Warfare Remastered, an HD version of Infinity Ward’s groundbreaking 2007 FPS. Stay tuned to learn more about the latest edition of Call of Duty.