At this past week’s Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event, we got tons of new intel about the upcoming game in Square-Enix’s flagship RPG franchise (well, the one not named Dragon Quest). Square-Enix gave fans everything from the release date (which is September 30 of this year), to pre-order bonuses (including a collector’s edition that will be sold out by the time you read this), to this sweet trailer featuring Florence and the Machine. Check out the rest after the jump.

Tie in Movie and Anime

Final Fantasy XV will be recieving 2 prequels. Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a five episode anime prequel which will be available on youtube, with the first episode available as of right now. The anime, produced by A-1 studios (Black Butler, Sword Arts Online) will tell the backstory of hero Noctis and his friends. Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive, a CG-animated feature length film will also be available as a streaming feature, as well as a download, and will launch sometime before the game’s release. The movie’s plot runs parallel to the events of the game, and tells the story of Noctis’s father King Regis of Lucis as he fights to defend his kingdom. The movie will feature the voice talents of Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, and Sean Bean in the role of King Regis.

Collector’s Editions and New Demo

Sadly, your only chance of getting this sweet package is to go back in time.

Sadly, your only chance of getting this sweet package is to go back in time.

For 89.99, players can order a deluxe edition, which features a copy of the game, exclusive dlc, a steelbook case, and a blu-ray of Kingsglaive. There is, or at least was, also a Collector’s Edition, which featured all the content of the deluxe edition along with a Play-Arts Kai figure of Noctis, a cd containing music from the game, and a blu-ray containing the Brotherhood anime among other items. Unfortunately it’ll likely be sold out by the time you read this article, but rumor has it Square is looking into increasing production. If September 30 is too long for you to wait, and the demo included with Final Fantasy Type-0 isn’t enough for you, there is a new Platinum demo which takes players to a magical dreamscape in a scenario not included in the game. Guided by classic Final Fantasy summon Carbuncle, you’ll learn the game’s basics, and even discover hidden weapons.

One has to admit, The Final Fantasy brand has seen better days, so a lot of riding on FFXV. The Final Fantasy XIII games weren’t very well received by players, FFXIV was so bad it had to be re-launched, and the iOS/Android remakes completely shitted the bed in terms of graphical quality. Even FF XV itself has had a rocky road. It’s development began nearly a decade ago and it was originally intended as an FFXIII spin-off. However, it’s hard not to be impressed by what we’ve seen so far, so there is hope. Nonetheless, FFXV is pretty much a make it or break it for the franchise. We’ll know for sure on September 30.